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We want to feel it all.

But can’t.

Because early love is often conditional.

So we learn to resist.

Speed through inappropriate feelings.

Our bones, diaphragms + limbs soon reflect our effort.

This is us.

Or is it?

True that we need love.

Also true that this deformed musculature became a viable avenue.

But it’s f’ing exhausting.

The lack of ‘permissible’ feelings fuels an unsustainable frustration.

A nagging fury.

Powering a whirlpool of guilt for wanting what is inaccessible to our distorted figures.

It demands another way.

A literal rewiring of our brain.

An altering of our body-minds.

We must learn to yield to the resistance that once guaranteed us love.

And simultaneously declare unconditionality lies in our feeling it all.

We want to feel it all.

And we can.

We can and we must.

Xoxo -Kate

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