Universal Health Principles™ is a simple system with complex results, which makes it kinda hard to talk about. I have done my best to break down the ‘what it is’ below but trust the way you feel as your read my words. Because that’s it…


For most of us on the sensitive spectrum, we are very aware, self-aware that is. We recognize patterns. We identify loops and are competent at navigating our psyches. Our analysis is on point. This skill set leaves us thriving in the language of intellect but there is another language. One of the body, one of pure feeling. I’m not talking emotions; I’m taking about the feeling under that. It’s warm, it’s alive and it’s an intelligence. We are navigating a time where lifetimes of patterns are coming up to be witnessed. Without the ability to view them through the language of feeling, we will be crushed by their impact. Trust me on this.  Emotional astuteness alone is not enough.


Once reconnected to the language of the body, health is imminent. Health quite simply, is communication. How well this organ is communicating with that system and how efficiently this cluster of cells is speaking with that body part, etc. Because we are human, we have layers of conditioning and belief systems coded into our DNA acting as logjams in our bodies communication. Couple that with the fact that most of us are living in a chronic state of over-arousal and we can begin to understand why our bodies are breaking down and struggling with all sorts of symptoms and excess weight.   UHP brings the communication back online by dialoguing with its inherent intelligence. Self-healing and self-organization naturally result.   We begin to feel our bodies’ intuition versus our false coding. It’s magnificently quiet.


Once we begin self-organizing at a rapid rate, those around us do too. We cannot change in a silos (thank goodness). With this work, you will notice that as your body comes into greater levels of harmony, those bodies around you start to as well.   And it’s not just relegated to our bodies, this harmony is reflected in our outer environment. We naturally begin to make supportive planetary choices (ie purchasing sustainable foods, organic products and becoming ethical consumers). It is clear that Earth is in a time of great transition and in serious need of our help (politically, environmentally and otherwise) but it must start with us, from the inside out. Our internal is our external.


The feeling of loneliness and matching desire for community is not unique for us sensitives. For me, the most beautiful result of Universal Health Principles and the reconnection to my own intelligence has been the understanding that I’m far from alone.   We are joined to everything through a feeling in our bodies. And when we really start to feel this in a consistent way, we realize we don’t need anything or anyone. Not in a self-righteous or elitist way. In a way that strips away the dogma of connection and community as we currently understand it. Of ‘I need you’ ‘you need me’ ‘we need each other’. And than our community shows up, the community we have been craving, because we no longer need it. Oh and its so pure and true.

So, that’s Universal Health Principles in a nutshell.

It will change everything.

Your body, your relationships, your business, your life, our planet.

You gota be ready for that…because it will happen.


We get together for weekly ‘sessions.’

Remote sessions are just as powerful as in-person. I can go into the science of the universe and explain how everything’s connected but trust me (and Einstein) on this one. It’s matter-of-fact.

We block out an hour (sessions normally last 45-ish minutes), which gives us ample time to get cozy. Preferably, you lie down if possible. I tune into your body system by gently tugging on your wrist for feedback (if we are in person) or pulling on my wrist (if we are remote). Again, the feedback system is the same. I’m tuning into your body and asking it a series of questions to see what forms of communication are ready to be upgraded. We cover everything from organs to belief systems, active memories to emotional releases, energetic patterns to images. Along the way, I speak what’s coming up so that we can guide your body to restore communication to areas where it may be depleted or where something simply needs to be ‘seen’.

That’s the ‘gist’ of it.


I would say it’s for everyone.

And in the same breath; it’s only for the ones who feel it.

It has to start with a feeling.

You must be able to feel the sessions and the shifts that result from this work.

Without that, there is no trust or platform for growing the sensation.

Contact me here to experience a free consultation (25 minute session) to see if this work feels right for you.

XO, Kate