Freedom is….

A nervous system able to ::
Fight or Fly
And Freeze
Hierarchically in that order.

For many, the aspect of our nervous system responsible for communication, known as the ‘Social Nervous System’, has gone offline. Early trauma, stress + poor attachment are some of the reasons for its shutting down. I tend to think its power is ‘intentionally’ cut so we’re fortified with the incredible drive necessary to not only power it back on but seriously fine tune it in the process. The ‘Social Nervous System’, once retrieved, remembered + revered is why we’re here. It contains the heart field, the inner ear + voice. Aspects of communication necessary for healing ourselves + our planet.

Suspect you’re nervous system is defaulting to fight/flight or freeze?

I spoke on this topic earlier in the week + offered a Universal Health Principles session in support. If you missed it, a recording exists :: https://vimeo.com/251215362

And/or I’m more than happy to share the information again in a new way, with you – just contact me.


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