I see you, seeing me, with interested eyes.

My physicality intrigues you.

And your notice frightens me.

It keeps me locked within my skins parameters.

Inside a self-image which is far from whole.

I’ve stopped running from your attentive glance.

Halted my obsession with maintaining your look.

One I worship + despise @ the same time.

What I’ve discovered is this ::

Memories, very young ones.

Where my heart spoke.

And its feedback loop was not reciprocated.

Beliefs developed ::

‘You can’t hear me’ ‘I can’t speak’ ‘Silence isn’t enough/is too much’

Though I wasn’t heard, I was seen.


And I learned that was me.

But it’s not.

We live in a world obsessed with our physical image.

But are we really a world deprived of being heard?

By a reciprocating open heart?

Have we learned that our bodies are us?

Forgetting their purpose is to feel?

Pretty sure.

So what to do?

Follow the fear that comes with interested eyes (or a lack thereof).

Dive straight into the gully of being falsely seen/unseen.

There’s pain (love) there.

And it’s calling us back.

To the wholeness of our self-image.

Here’s another remedy ::

Set the intention to find someone who can hear you {YOU}.

The process will begin from there.

May all of our hearts be heard.

May they know they can speak.

And trust their chosen times of silence are just right.

Loving you + hearing you,



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