Last week I spoke on separation.

How we believe we’ve split from source.

And that it’s our fault.

Subconscious retribution ensues from our very first breath.

We allow ourselves to receive restricted amounts.

And thus only able to give the same proportion.

Sheer torture for the sensitive burning to give.

Our art, our heart, our WHOLE self.

For we cannot give until we feel worthy to receive.

Contributing more than a percentage of our potential won’t happen until self-condemnation drops.

Identifying this truth does nothing to remedy our misguided receiving.

We must learn to retrain every aspect of our body-mind.

To change this patterning, conscious intervention is beneficial.  It’s a process.  One I’m currently in + watching as my system balances out.

I thought it helpful to describe what I’m observing + implementing on different planes ::

PHYSICALLY :: Receiving happens at the end of a full exhale.  If we’re used to holding our breath as a form of penance, you best believe the connective tissue is seizing our breathing apparatus (most noticeably the pelvic floor, extensors, diaphragm + abdominal muscles.) Digestive issues + chronic stomach aches anyone? Notice > Are you holding your breath?  In that moment take a big exhale, bring your belly button toward your spine and feel your diaphragm rise as your ribcage pulls down. Next take an inhale from your pelvic floor with wide sit bones.  Practice the exhale.  A Lot.

EMOTIONALLY :: Subconsciously penalizing ourselves means we’ve signed up to receive all the heavy things.  To stay full on pain, fear + the weight of the world is our repentance.  Cue the empath paradigm. It’s time to move beyond this my friends.  I’m declaring this paradigm: terminated.  Notice > What are you holding on to?  Heavy emotions?  You don’t have to.  You don’t have to hold onto anything. If you find yourself stewing in baggage, your own, your mothers or the collectives, time to activate a deep exhale and let that sh$t go.

ENERGETICALLY :: The subtlest and therefore the trickiest plane to shift. Our systems must modify the way they seek nourishment + support.  This looks like moving from a system which feeds off external dense energy to one that sustains itself internally, on light.  Examples of external dense energy > certain people, food, thought forms, anything that feels addictive.  Notice > What are you feeding on?  What/who are you thinking about? Do you need something heavy to sustain you?  Rest your awareness deep inside your body.  Go into your spinal column.  You will find unbounded energy waiting.  This is you.  Feed on it. Teach your system to sustain differently.

Again, of all this is a process + takes time.

Which is why I’ve decided to run a group series starting next week.  We will join up for four live Universal Health Principles sessions in which I will tap into our collective web and see what sort of connections want to come online so that we may break this unworthy program together.  Feeling the power in #’s!


  • Four weekly group calls to be held via phone (call-in # to follow)
  • 3PM EST on Wednesdays :: 11/29, 12/6, 12/13, 12/20
  • 45-ish minutes in duration
  • Investment :: $75.00

If you can’t make it LIVE, the calls will be recorded and the results the same.  Once you commit, you’re along for the ride regardless of your physical presence day of.

You in?  Click here to purchase.  I will follow up with instructions on how to prepare shortly.

All my love,


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