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I rarely talk about physical beauty.

Nor do I choose to partake in the ‘body image’ conversation.

Not because I’m not affected by it.

I deeply am.

Embarrassingly so.

But joining the conversation gives validity to something that feels false.

Even the innocent promotion of ‘body love’ seems contrived.

I’ve rode many-a-wave having to do with my own physique.

And I’m wondering if our fixation with physical beauty isn’t about beauty at all.

What if we’ve adopted this whack-ass hierarchy to give ourselves a sense of place?

Especially those of us whose place isn’t so obvious (eh hem, HSP’s).

We need something to ‘order’ us.

To belong.

That’s surely safer than being out of pecking order.

Valueless through the eyes of society.

To vacate our place + cease the chase for a place…well…

It’s frightening as sh$t.

But it means we get to be BIGGER.

That’s the conversation I want to have.

Beyond beauty or body image.

I want to talk about who we are.

Boundless, malleable humans, capable of becoming anything we can imagine.

Anything we can feel.

If we are going to judge ourselves in accordance with our value to society, let’s at least allow that value to be something valid ::


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