The capacity to command energy.

We have it.

An inborn trait for all.

But we can’t access it until ::

  • We remember our worth
  • We face experiences/emotions + accompanying beliefs from this lifetime (+ perhaps ones prior) where we’ve been punished for our commanding capabilities and/or chose to have amnesia to the force/our force

Only than can we muster the strength to press against energies that don’t feel good ::

{fear, shame, guilt, pain, judgement, variants of ‘speed’}

Only than can we say, ‘NO’ ::

‘you can not enter’, ‘back up’, ‘return to sender’

And only than will the energies comply.

Because we believe they will.

And because we believe we’re worth consistently choosing to connect to supportive energies, only.

This lesson > being loving is not being willing to let it all in.

A dear friend Peter @ Orkie.com, spoke these words to me last week:

“You’re not being cold, you’re being discerning.  You don’t have to like everything, you just don’t want to harm anything.  So if there are energies in your life that don’t resonate for you – you’re allowed to not bring them into your life.  It feels like you’ve been putting a lot of pressure on yourself to be a ‘loving’ person which is ultimately making you not very loving toward yourself.”

If you need permission to discern, consider this that.

More to share on this topic – video dropping soon.

Stay tuned!


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