Kate is truly a kindred spirit and an expert at navigating life as a highly sensitive soul. Kate instantly put me at ease so that I felt comfortable sharing my struggles, which I had kept secret for so long. As a holistic healer, I felt ashamed that I knew so much about food and healthy living, but was still unable to heal my dysfunctional relationship with food. I felt lost. It was not until I found Kate that I realized the missing link for my healing was learning how to embrace my sensitivity and honor my unique needs. I now know that we are not meant to heal ourselves and figure everything out on our own. Working with Kate was truly monumental to opening myself up to a whole new level of self-compassion and forgiveness. I will be forever grateful for Kate’s kindness, support and love. I now have the freedom and confidence to move forward and claim the life that had been hidden beneath my struggles with food for so long.

-Kristin Hartjes (Dr. Kristin Hartjes), Wisconsin {kristinhartjes.com}

Prior to finding Kate, I feared I would never feel free from the shame, isolation and pain caused by emotional eating. Working with Kate, I am learning to honor my highly-sensitive self and take care of my body.  She is an incredible listener and guide, creating a safe and motivating environment for growth. Kate has given me the tools I need to make lasting changes in my relationship with food, and I am amazed by the results.

-Allison Davis, New York City {Allison Davis Coaching}

Nisha Moodley

To help people overcome emotional eating, it requires being incredibly gentle, sensitive and understanding. Kate embodies these qualities to a tee. I have referred clients directly to Kate, because I know they will be well-cared for in her hands. She’s overcome some incredible internal struggles, and has the wisdom to help you do the same.

Nisha Moodley, San Francisco {Fierce Fabulous Free}


Laura Burkett

Before working with Kate, I hadn’t realized that so much of the struggle in my inner and outer world stemmed from a strong disconnection and harsh judgment toward my sensitive nature.  As a child through adulthood, I pushed myself, ignored my needs, and did not honor my true gifts and depth fully.   I felt as if something was wrong with me and was confused by my overwhelm in a world that seemed to “have it more together.”  My time with Kate has been deeply healing impacting both my professional work, the way I relate to and take care of myself, and how I show up in the world around me.  I am now far, far more understanding, and many times more compassionate, towards myself and aware of how to honor the way I process stimulus.  There is a beauty and a gift in being a highly sensitive, high sensation-seeking, introverted woman in the world.  (There is such a thing!) The journey is rich and revealing.  Kate is a soul-sister, wise woman, and friend. A true gift in my world and a gift to anyone who is open to receiving the lessons in their own sensitivity.

-Laura Burkett, Grand Rapids MI {Real Food Wellness}

Choosing to work with Kate was one of the best decisions I ever made. Initially, I wavered in making that decision.  Could she really help me graduate out of emotional eating?  That had been a struggle of 16 years!   She assured me that I would be able to wake up without food being my regulatory drug of choice each day. I must say that she delivered.  What I didn’t expect was that my entire life would have a shift!  She helped me to relate to my sensitivity and emotional life from a whole new vantage point.  Kate has a way of asking the right questions and opening me up to new possibilities while traveling through every day situations.  She helped me to really identify and get to know and accept the real me.  Her understanding of sensitivity gave me so much insight.  Now, I am able to create a container of love and nourishment in my life so I can better thrive and serve those around me.  Kate was able to meet me right where I am at as a wife, mother and coach.  I can now appreciate and relate to my emotions while enjoying food as the nourishment it was intended to be.  Even as I’m feeling more, life has just lightened up!  From this space, weight has naturally come off with no intentional effort.  Priceless!

-Julia Curry, Indiana {Eating Psychology Coach}

I am new to the ‘Highly Sensitive Person’ world.  I had just thought I was crazy or that something was wrong with me. Kate is an HSP “Whisperer”.  I’ve worked with Kate one-on-one and through her online program “The Big Easy”, and couldn’t have asked for a gentler, more nurturing guide into my own nature as a Highly Sensitive Person. Her advice is spot on, and her openness and honesty, refreshing. I highly recommend working with her.

Randina Casenza, Los Angeles {Artist}

Having had no previous experience with an “emotional eating coach”, I wasn’t sure what to expect during my first phone call with Kate.  She immediately put me at ease with her gentle, grounded voice and tone.  Kate gave me useful tips that were practical but more than anything she helped to shift my mindset out of victimhood for my several food intolerances (sugar, dairy, gluten, and preservatives).  After working with Kate I felt empowered and wanted to make healthier choices.”

Diane Y., California

LOVE NOTES from THE BIG EASY {Online Course}:

Working with Kate has relieved me of so much guilt.

I’ve always felt the need to “help” others but I can’t do that if I don’t take care of my own needs first. I’ve got a whole new way of seeing, specifically around the idea that putting myself first is not selfish.

-Lynn Particka, MI

I have a pretty big problem with intellectual arrogance. I expected a lot of woo woo and sharing of feelings. I did not expect the accuracy, the specificity and the insight into areas of my life that NO ONE has ever shared.

Kate’s hard work and organizational skills are apparent in and throughout the material. Her perspective and research showed me that I was just processing stimuli differently than most other people do. It has already helped me a great deal in my relationships and understanding my own crazy headspace.

-Brandon Bryant, California

During the course of the program, things began to feel really challenging. I began questioning the intention behind many of my daily actions and discovered that I can no longer “get away with” actions that don’t feel aligned with something deeper.

Lots of questioning, and deep awareness around my need for development and practice of consistent spiritual ritual and philosophy.

-Laura Burkett, Grand Rapids, MI

I love Kate’s approach of educating and informing to increase awareness and compassion, yet not allowing for the trait to hold me back.

It has helped me feel more confident about setting boundaries and communicating my needs, whereas I talked myself out of speaking my truth before (or was not really aware that I had different needs than hardy people).

-Emily Koehler, Indiana

The resistance to letting go of emotional eating is gone.

Yes there is still a pull, but now all the things I learned about mindful eating etc. don’t feel threatening because I’m getting the real needs met. Before diving deeper with this program I had no clue what those needs even were.

-Gillian Byers, Oregon

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