^ That belief system.

Turned up last week.

In the context of houseguests.

Alongside my age-old discomfort + over awareness of other.

I voice this belief as I’m certain it’s not mine alone.

It’s common to those choosing to experience powerlessness.

It lives imperceptibly.

And keeps us charging @ the world in fear.

Armed with ‘you can’t take me’.

We acquiesce defeat before we begin.

It’s exhausting.

But more than that, it prevents us from receiving.


This makes for mounds of grief.

Lifetimes of active memories devoid of receiving.

We naively walk around with death inside us.

I met these starved, shriveled cells last week.

And flatlined upon encounter __________________.

Their presence unbearable, yet necessary.

This is my (our) journey to remembering.

We must wake to the realization we are worth LIFE.

The layers, freakin deep – as deep as the ways we’ve felt assaulted ::

Emotions fed to us in the womb.

The birth process itself.

Incarnations where we’ve had to run.

And now this one, where we’ve chosen to show up sensitive as hell – open to onslaught by our very disposition.

But it’s critical to see the attack isn’t real.

If we feel assailed, we’re operating from de-oxygenated cells.

We must pass what’s deceased + go further in.

For nothing can hurt us when we’re really in.

Our boundaries too strong, our energies too concentrated for permeability.

How to go in you ask?

Know that you deserve to sit in the center of yourself.

And how to do that?


Let your inhale declare it for you.


…but not that simple.  Which is why I’m hosting a free call this Thursday @ 2 PM EST on breath – to tune into our subconscious and see the ways + places we aren’t letting ourselves receive it.  If interested, click here.  A recording will be available for those not able attend live. PS I’m going to be doing this call from the ocean, an information powerhouse for revealing all the things we can’t see. XOXO

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