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The empath code is shattering.

I thought it to be a lifetime sentence.

It’s not.

We feelers arrived here with open hearts.

But because Earth is currently ruled by power + order, our hearts have fallen into hierarchy.

Knowing themselves under a false regime.

With a mistaken responsibility.

Our designated job, to love.


And don’t you know that’s a helluva obligation on a planet ruled by fear.

Our very existence operates under the pretense of being made to feel unsafe so that we love.

As a result our eyes stay exhaustively peeled.

Our ears, painstakingly tuned.

Other-focused to extremes.

It’s deeply subconscious.

What’s conscious is our inability to relax in the context of people.

We may be aware of our digestive problems, chronic fatigue and impeded lungs.

But lurking wayyyy underneath is a sh*t ton of fear.

That we must love away.

Out of duty.

I’m furious.

And simultaneously streaked with liberation.

I refuse to love out of duty.

That’s not love.

It’s the carrying of a cross.

It’s sacrifice.

Yet under the existing planetary reign, this is love.

Now what?

I’m even less sure how to be around people without my hierarchical heart.

Devoid of my false job.

It’s all very new + freakin strange.

Is it enough to stay connected to me?

To my open heart + what beats it?

Is it okay to feel your fear and leave it alone?

To speak these words knowing they will threaten you?

Knowing they will impose death to an order that keeps us safe.

That keeps safe, real.

We must die.

All of us.

Alongside the ideas of power + order + countless ways we rank ourselves.

So we remember how to love.

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