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Let’s talk basic needs.

The physical safety + biological survival kind.

IE Food, Shelter, Sleep, Sex + $.

My ability to respond to these needs has been shaky at best, addictive at worst.

I long to return to my animal instinct.

To meet my basic needs in an untethered way.

But alas, I’m tethered.

And I’m not alone in this my sensitive peeps.

We’re tethered to the information coming through our transcendent sensor’s.

To feel physically safe + fit for biological survival requires a shift in how we meet our basic needs.

An incorporation of the information we have at our disposal.

A retrieval of intelligence from the planes we’re connected to – spiritual, emotional, physical + beyond.

Any shakiness/addiction in meeting our basics stem from forgetting our struggles are multi-planed in existence.

I’m here to help you remember :: you have the faculties to uncover the very information that’s keeping you from being on the ground.

As an animal.

Not just any animal, one who remembers its connection to the stars.

Whose instincts are as powerful as its insights.

I’m just starting to know this place.

And I’m convinced meeting our rudimentary needs cannot happen without utilization of the knowledge we’re privy to.

It’s talking to us for a reason.

It wants to be of service.

So we may fully descend here.

And evolve into a new breed of animal.

Boom Shaka and ROAR!  XO -Kate

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