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“We find emotional instability almost universally (1) in nations that are in the process of deep social + economic transformation and (2) in people who dare to deviate from the traditional mode of action of their parents, their class or social group. During childhood, we lose a considerable measure of the faculty of our nervous system for making individual paths and patterns of action, thanks to parental influence on our immediate environment.” -Moshe Feldenkrais

Well America, I guess we all fall into category (1) but I’m honing in on (2)…

Where my black sheep at?

Struggling artists.
Paralyzed musicians.
Addicted empaths.
Striving entrepreneurs.

What if our emotional instability is the result of an ill-fitting nervous system?

What if we aren’t equipped for the level of feeling we’re destined for?

And what if we’re not supposed to be?

Because we’re meant to activate a vaster system of nerves.

One with more capacity.

And dare I say change our DNA.

I believe there’s a way to expand our capacity for feeling without an uproar of emotional instability. There’s a whole bunch of us black sheep learning to kick it’ together. No more harrowing growth process. We gather in a community created by Laura Hames Franklin called ‘Wholly Shift’ on Mondays at 2PM EST.

I’ve got a +1 for this coming week, 7/24. Hit me up if you’re interested!

XOXO -Kate

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