Kate Read - emotional eating coach and addiction & sensitivity specialistWelcome, home. I’m Kate Read, Sensitivity & Addiction Specialist and Pre-Certified Universal Health Principles™ Practitioner. 

And this, is your long awaited homecoming.  It’s a dwelling for all those who feel deeply.  A habitat for the highly sensitive, intuitive and empaths alike.  A residence for strengthening our subtleties, navigating our needs and enhancing our embodiment.

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I understand how easy it is to get completely lost in the depth of all that we feel. I get how remarkably simple it is to fall into addictions to cope with this depth. Having known numb really well, I empathize with living partly between the worlds of the living and the dead. Most of all, I wholeheartedly grasp what sensitive souls are capable of when they are not struggling with addictions {to food, exercise, alcohol, substance, thought etc}. Knowing this, I have no choice but to guide fellow sensitives to a place of perceiving the vastness of all they are so that they may contribute to the world with their incredible complexity.

The world needs this. It’s routing for our return. So welcome {back} home, sweet one.

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