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Hello my sensitive beings,

Not going to state the obvious or begin to explain where I have been the past several months since my last newsletter/proper communication.

I’ve been here.  Journeying deeper, as we all have.

My words have gone away again.  And in a world where online presence + social media smokescreens truth, it may look like I have disappeared.

But I haven’t.  I’m still here.

Dwelling in a reality underneath my daily/weekly/monthly sharing of experiences. My life feels more personal than ever.  In a way that I don’t feel compelled to disclose so much, so often.  There’s a recognition that my experiences and accompanying ‘lessons’ are for me.  They are what I need. The same way your life experiences are what you need.

So how do we maintain our relationship + connection to one another without sharing so much of our processes? {This question arose for you and I but certainly translates to our families, friends and the world at large}

I believe the answer is more listening…
To oneself.
Connection to ourselves is the only thing we need.
So we limit our default into internal/external commentary in favor of feeling the limitless.

We will always be in a process.  This I know for sure.

The sooner we can let go of the process by fully being in it, the sooner we will be swept away by the magic that’s waiting to take us higher, further, all the way to places we don’t yet know exist.

If you feel this call to connect underneath all the words, I urge you to explore a Universal Health Priniciples Session.  They are my consistent pull to magic.  A reminder that it’s connection to myself that I need (and not that sweet treat, external validation, new fall wardrobe, fill in the blank).

All the love,

PS.  This message brought to you by the hush found inside the Grand Canyon walls.

Short Musings


My relationship to time has been long-standing in its asymmetry.

A desire to balance that rapport, just as enduring.

The haste. The RUSH.

The undercurrent of frenetic energy that keeps me moving from one thought to the next.

One thing to the next.

I know it’s not ‘right’.

I also know I must leave the distortion be.

Lots of necessary realizations have come inside this unnatural hurriedness.

And today, a brand new one.

How exciting!

Another facet.

Allowing me to sink further into where I am without that pull of acceleration.

And in this moment, I see the facets so clearly.

Not just relative to ‘time’ but for everything I have ever writhed with.

The calculated stages of ‘seeing’.

It’s almost as if each facet is revealed in some insanely intelligent order.

This before that. And that before this.

The precision, uncanny.

Sometimes with a rather large reveal, it appears the writhe is over.

But alas, another facet awaits us.

Release can’t happen until we see the beauty of the whole damn knot.

I find myself waking up inside a beautiful web of knots.

Hundreds of angles, thousands of perspectives, millions of viewpoints.

There’s a deep calmness here.

A trust in the order of the untangling.

And an increasing accessibility into what wants to be loosened next.

Just like that, time is releasing me.

Short Musings


Koda and I captured here, Easter afternoon on our front lawn.

We watch as my family parcels belongings into their cars to head home.

The bare trees collide in the warmest wind this season has seen.

And I am very quiet.

Strangely quiet given the circumstance.

I’ve shared about the aftermath of family get-togethers before, how they’re generally filled with emotional noise.

Memories of missed connection typically flood my mind.

Holidays develop into some sort of perverse self-test scored by my ability to interact and relate.

A test I repeatedly fail.

But right now I do not feel as if I’ve flunked.

Instead there is an uproar of sensation in my body.

Ah yes, there you are.

A subtle awareness that my current solitude is amplifying this sensation.

And a secondary awareness of its surprising availability, albeit less perceptible, in the context of family.

There were stretches this weekend where the sensation was strong.

And times where I could barely feel it. Like earlier this morning when I awoke to angst and a familiar pressure for perfection.

The Easter baskets needed to be assembled just ‘right’.

The ham and hash browns had to be impeccable.

The desire for a flawless setting was suffocating.

Because somewhere deep inside, my cells are coded to believe that an immaculate exterior will earn me the connection I crave.

The comprehension of this longings origin is somewhat new, as is the resulting compassion.

So as the ham fails to de-thaw, the hash browns burn and the Easter baskets aren’t yet made, I am able to hover over myself in some assembly of softness.

Ducking into the bathroom, tears fall alongside my whirling mind of perception-based love as it wrestles with my bodies growing sensation of actual love.

I walk back into a family-filled kitchen with salty eyelashes, slightly scathed by this internal showdown.

But I can feel me. The sensation builds when I let it all be.

Oh Kate, you are learning that your salvation is physical.

Your cells are slowly waking up.

Matter is spreading, spiraling outside of its constrictive coding.

It does not happen all at once.

It is growing. Every day it is growing. Every day is quieter, isn’t it?

Soon you will trust this sensation in entirety.

Soon connection will be stronger than this story of perfection.

And so we bask. In the sun. Inside this future memory.


Short Musings


Somewhere along the Red Road our cell phone signals disappear.

Siri can no longer navigate this stretch of Pacific Coast line.

Will and I share anticipatory glances and continue on.

Four days in and it’s clear we’re far from dictating what’s happening on our 10-day excursion, Hawaii is.

At some point the road ends.

Nothing but black sand beaches and a shop, maybe two.

We head inside in search of beverages to quench a late afternoon thirst.

Standing in line to pay, the man in front of us turns around and looks me square in the eyes with utter disgust.

My heart starts to pound…

Shortly thereafter, I’m approached by a few locals who ask me where I’m from in a very ‘you shouldn’t be here’ sorta way.

At this point, my heart is somewhere outside my chest.

Uneasy as hell, I insist we leave sans beverages and head towards the black sand beaches instead.

Speed walking across the shattered lava, its magnetic pull becomes palpable.

Something’s being drawn out of me.

Swirling and sweating, I think I may faint.

Without a word, I bolt towards the car.

We get back on the Red Road and head the way we came.

I grab Wills hand as I’m scaring myself and can sense I’m scaring him too.

All I can do is breathe exaggeratedly and squeeze his hand every so often to let him know I’m IN something.

He detects I need to be with the trees and pulls over.

We stay there awhile.

Until I see her.

…the face of an old woman in the form of a massive rock on the beach just beyond the tree line.

I take assurance in this face and remember Hawaii’s on my side.

This land, too raw. Too real.

Anything incongruent to truth appears to be magnifying without restraint.

And with that, the insight lands.

My fear of rejection, clear as this bluebird day.

Those people in the store, their faces of disgust & disapproval, simply mirroring the fear of rejection I carry so adamantly.

In this moment, it begs me to feel it so I can see passed its illusion.

And so.

Thank You Hawaii. I’m humbled by your forceful transparency.

But this is not why I share this story.

The insight that arose on this stretch of coastline, very deep.

And there’s something that happens all too regularly when an insight like this descends.

The truth gets hijacked.

My mind comes rushing in with its magnified glass and detective garb, adopting said truth as its own.

My reality is suddenly a stream of narratives attempting to figure it all out.

And this is where something light becomes something heavy.

Intuition morphs into fear.

The hijacking is so damn subtle.

Especially when the truth that’s being shown is a cavernous wound.

The deeper the wound, the bigger and burlier (and consequently more camouflaged) the band of hijakers.

And so what do we do?

How do we begin to live in only insights?

Life is asking me this in a major way and I want to share my tools:

So here goes:

  1. FOLLOW THE SIGNS – for me its repeating numbers, birds (any animal, really), it’s faces in clouds, messages from trees, and patterns of all sorts. Anything that connects me to the invisible world. There were many times on this trip where the feeling was potent and I wanted to go into story about it. And often times I did. Until I would glance at the clock and it would read 3:33 or a magical yellow bird would swoop into my eyesight. Reminders to stay in feeling. Prompts to refocus. And that’s we’re the insight would come through. Without fail. So follow your signs. They are everywhere if you are looking for them.
  1. BREATH+ WATER – Quite obvious but also quite easy to forget. Emotions are processed through breath and water (not a magnified glass and detective garb as your mind will lead you to believe). Also, sharing some beautiful advice from my friend Peter, “Use your breath to settle more into Kate. From there you can begin to focus on the harmony rather than the insecurities your mind is creating.” 
  1. STAY IN THE OBSERVER ROLE – This one is easier said than done. It’s definitely a muscle and I wake up every day excited to train it. Quite simply, the more we stay in the observer role, the more enjoyable life becomes. Often times, I’ll take a birds eye view of my physical self. It helps my mind to create that literal space. From there I’ll observe. Am I relaxed? Am I breathing? Can I relax more? And repeat…and repeat…and repeat…and repeat.
  1. LAUGH – My pain makes me forget my humor at times. Seriousness can be so real when there is a wound that needs protecting. Luckily for me, I married a man who makes me laugh often and much. Back on that Red Road as I told him I was processing something mammoth, he turned to me with his adorable wit and said, “so like are you gona be done by dinner?” I couldn’t help but giggle.   If you can’t bring lightness to your pain, find someone/something who can help you remember it. This might be #1 in terms of tools. It’s everything.
  1. LEARN THE LANGUAGE OF INSIGHT – Well I am going to tout Universal Health Principles here because for me it’s just this. It’s a language beyond the mind. One that allows insights to arrive rather than forcing their arrival. It allows one to witness a wisdom that is eons more intelligent than we are.  And the witnessing begets trust.  The more I practice and receive these UHP sessions, the more I trust only the insights. Everything else is becoming just noise.  A noise that’s slowly and steadily easier to tune out.  XOXO
Short Musings


I woke up not too long ago with a distinct feeling that all of my ‘doing’, my daily insights, my life-long journaling and my fervent efforts to grow have been a ruse.

There is something much more intelligent than my intellect that is evolving me and ‘I” falsely hung my hat on growth like some sort of personal trophy. 

Look what I’ve figured out 

I’ve been doing the ‘work’ for years and look how far I’ve come

This sense of ‘I know’ and ‘I’m doing it’ is arrogant and embarrassing to admit but my reality nonetheless.

I write to you from a humble place with admittance that I know nothing and I’m not doing any of it.  And this place, oh this place is so much softer.

So what is the purpose of the mind if not to evolve us?

It’s meant to be very, very quiet.

Much like nature.  Nature doesn’t think.  It just is.

In its presence, you feel its silence and you too become silent.

This hush is us. 

Underneath the coding, conditioning, personality and general human editorial is profound quiet.

And this silence is the function of the mind.

So what to do when thoughts, emotions and sensations arise?


There is nothing to figure out in this life.

Sure, we all have a curriculum, a set of narratives which is bringing us back to the remembrance of who we are but I will be the first to tell you, that narrative is not to be intellectually deconstructed.

Clarity will arise if we are quiet enough to hear it.

Universal Health Principles has been my avenue to this space.

It’s a system that combines the science of the body and the science of the universe to reconnect us to its brilliant intelligence, the same intelligence that is beating our hearts, circulating our blood and making our hair grow.  A reconnection to this wisdom allows for our individual narratives to be heard from right perspective; surpassing the mind’s limited understanding of symptoms, illnesses and cyclical patterns and traveling into the cellular consciousness of truth.

This is where symptoms disappear; health returns and addictions fall away with no exertion at all.

It appears to be miraculous because it is effortless. 

And this is where we begin to see that ‘we’ are not doing any of it.

I am now pre-certified as a Universal Health Principles practitioner and it gives me such joy to step completely out of the way and instead dance with the brilliance of our bodies.  It’s eons more gratifying than fantasizing I know what’s best for me (or you).

That said, if you are interested in descending into deep silence and reconnecting with this incredible wisdom that is you, I urge you to give it a go. I realize this is fully experiential so I am offering a “free” session (30-60 minutes in duration) for those interested in working together in a long-term sort of way.

If you feel these words and are curious, simply contact me and we will set something up!

Lots and lots and LOTS of love,

Short Musings


It’s happening slowly.

Much like winter this year.

Fizzling the fallacies.

And waking up to realize all I need is me.

Not in a self-righteous or elitist way.

In a way that strips away the dogma of connection as I currently understand it.

Of ‘I need you’ ‘you need me’ ‘we need each other’.

It becomes about being alone in order to connect.

Family doctrine, marital creed and friendship tenants must be redefined.

Provisions of bonding become based on feeling.

Am I connected to me?

Are you connected to you?

And from that place the connection we share is the purest.

From there it’s about levels of in.

A heightened capacity for love; clean and narrative-less.

It pales other unions as they feel unstable and masked.

Tears falling like mid-winter rain.

Because it’s scary as shit.

To stop needing to be there for others, to stop needing others to be there for us in ways that will never fill.

And it’s liberating as hell.

To surrender in, the grandest of surrender.

Because what’s left is…nothing.

But the deepest sense of satiation.

Short Musings


The Sensitive ONE :: Six-Week Series @VTCIT {1.4 – 2.8, 5-6:30PM}

Oneness, a connection to the infinite.

Being on the sensitive spectrum, our open nervous systems especially sense into this.

For us it’s extra jarring to come into a limited dimension with such a visceral remembrance.

The thing I’ve learned about the infinite is that it needs a container, a finite structure if you will.

For many sensitives, it’s our lack of a finite structure that keeps us floating and at times, borderline insane.

It’s why addiction is so prevalent and the reason co-dependency influences us as soon as we exit the womb.

Inhabiting our container (our body) is imperative.

Not in a yoga class, daily work-out, jog sorta way, rather a moment-to-moment connection to that life force that lives deep inside.

It’s a rapport with feeling.

It’s a practice and an untangling of unconscious beliefs & habits that what we are looking for is outside, in objects or in others.

I’ve been at this for a while now and witness new facets of leaving myself every day.

It’s way beyond the understanding that you are an ‘empath’ or an ‘HSP’.

It’s an awareness, an experience of your own life force, and this can’t be taught.

We must allow ourselves to be shown.

Join me over the next six weeks as we explore and experience ourselves.

Learn more at http://vtcit.com/event/the-sensitive-one/

Short Musings

Standing in a sea of 20,000 as the year turned over was…awesome.

Being back in NYC makes me appreciate this place in a way I couldn’t when I was here.

This city catalyzes an inward perspective and if you don’t know what you feel like, it’s easy to get wicked lost.

Looking around last night, I couldn’t help but notice the perfection in all of it, all of us.

Each in the perfect seat.

Next to the perfect people.

Having the perfect conversations.

A greater wisdom making all of this conducive on our behalf.

For our evolution.

20,000 of us sharing a show, yet having completely different shows.

And so it becomes about presence.

What’s happening in our show?

What’s this greater wisdom revealing to us?

What are we noticing?

Ultimately our inner perceiver is attempting to shatter the illusion and melt what’s not real.

2016 is about deeper levels of presence, baby.

Because it’s all here.

Let’s show up to our respective and collective show with utmost curiosity and compassion.

The planet needs our presence (massively).

Xoxo to you.



I recently did an interview about being a ‘sensitive entrepreneur’ and it got me thinking about this whole creation thing.

Moreover, our drive to create.

We all have it.

Some more than others.

And I believe it starts with a genuine intention to express, to share, to help, to be an activist for evolution. But somewhere along the line our intentions fall by the wayside. Humanness takes hold and it becomes about perception, making a ‘living’, defining ourselves to ourselves or to the world. And that’s where our craft morphs into some wack-ass, over-labored, second-hand version of its potential. You can sense this type of creation a mile a way, it’s just as painful to consume as it is to create.

So how do we move beyond this epidemic of stifled crafting?

How do we meld our incredulous drive to create with our humanness?

I’ve been incubating with this very real dilemma for just about three years now. In that time, I’ve been asked to be still, stiller than this winter flower. I’ve turned away the overwhelming urge to move, to build something tangible. I’ve watched my coaching business fold into itself and I’m left in a mass of uncertainty.

What it is I’m here to create?

What I’m left with is me.

I’ve been creating me.

And I believe this sense of self-creation is the answer we naturally driven human beings are seeking. We need (and want) to get astute-as-hell as to what we are internally constructing – in our minds and in our bodies. And within that shrewdness, we rediscover our potential. It’s from this place we realize we are a part of a much bigger creation. We get to relax into the joy of that. Than, well, than it doesn’t matter so much about being an ‘entrepreneur’ or our external production value; we are too busy reveling in the creation that is us.

Create yourself my friends. This is your highest craft, the answer to your drive. (and of course, when you do, you will be taken care of in a ‘new’ type of currency – monetarily, spiritually and otherwise). XO

And if you’re curious about checking out the interview on being a ‘sensitive entrepenuer’ I did with the lovely Dr. Kristin Hartjes you can scope that here.